Contemporary laundry for traditional restaurant and rooms in Zagorje

Antonija Jurič / 20.12.2022.

‘Vuglec Breg’ is a family-oriented tourist village that happily welcomes visitors from Croatia and all over the world since 2005. It’s located in Škarićevo, a village situated in the very heart of Zagorje, only 40 kilometers from the capital of Croatia – Zagreb.

In the center, you can find its famous restaurant that serves traditional meals and a wine cellar. Near the restaurant is the traditional Zagorje houses Zagorje - ‘hiže’ or ‘kleti’ - as the locals call them, which are completely renovated and fully equipped for visitors. Beautiful views of the vineyard, small pond, grasslands, landscaped walkways, infinity pool, sports fields,… This is just a part of the facilities that visitors who seek out relaxation, as well as the business entities looking for a place to hold seminars or team building, enjoy here.


This beautiful estate is the fruit of the vision and the long-term hard work of the Vuglec family. A big step forward in this success story has recently been made by Mrs. Ines Logožar. Thanks to her restless entrepreneurial spirit, she’s decided to start an OPL laundry that would serve tourist village needs. For her ally in this business venture, she chose our Bright World.

‘I used to own a fast-food restaurant and the biggest problem I faced was finding a quality workforce. After I shut down the restaurant, I’ve been thinking for a long time what would be my next entrepreneurial move. All I knew was that I wanted to sell the service.

After long deliberation, I’ve realized that during the tourist season bills for laundry services were pretty high. Many facilities, such as restaurants, rooms, and a swimming pool also mean a lot of laundry. A thought occurred to me- I could do it!’


The decision of starting a laundromat wasn’t impulsive for Mrs. Logožar. She took her time to research, ask around about the competitive solutions and the products, and read other people’s experiences. She first contacted our sales experts four years ago. She wanted great value for money, but what was crucial for her was the human factor and that comes with the aftersales service support.

‘I could buy and import equipment – but who is going to help me when the problem occurs?’ the cheerful entrepreneur says laughing. ‘I’m not just a boss, I do everything. I’ve got my own toolbox and I don’t mind doing the work. I’m interested in everything – from the smallest screw to the filter. I’m just that type of a person. I’m new to this business and that’s why I always ask everything twice. Before this, the only laundry washing experience I had was in my household.’

She says that, for her, the human touch is the most important factor in every business and that the aftersales team needs to be some sort of psychologist, know how to calm clients down, and present them with a solution. Red wine and pumpkin seed oil are specialties of every traditional restaurant in Zagorje, but the stains they leave behind have been a major problem for Mrs. Logožar. So we paid her a visit and held a washing and ironing education.

‘Another trick you’ve shown me was the way of preparation and work organization. Once again the human factor was shown as the most important thing. I was very glad you took the time to educate me, it meant the world to me. I also asked your colleagues for professional product samples that I would like to test on stains this winter.’


The process of thinking about starting a laundry was long and thorough, but the realization was very quick – it took less than two months. The first step was interior adaptation. Bright World helped with the concept development to make sure the space is optimally used, but also to avoid the most common mistakes. 3D modelling was of great help in this process.

‘Bright World gave us the installation drawings which really helped our construction workers. We’ve put the industrial floor and, step by step, everything fell into place’ says Mrs. Logožar.

The products were in stock in a warehouse and they were delivered in less than a month. The adventure has begun. Mrs. Logožar decided to finance this venture through our unique rental service of professional laundry equipment with numerous amenities – NAYAM renting. She is thrilled with its speed, simplicity and safety.

She got two professional washing machines and two professional dryers with 10 kg capacity, a 140 cm long flatwork ironer, and an ironing table. She also got a BW ozone generator and automatic dosing pumps. She likes that the flatwork ironer has a touch-screen display in Croatian and is really simple to use.

See product details:

‘Tourist season means high intensity. During the year, I have two employees, but with the start of the next season I plan to hire two more’ she says enthusiastically.
‘I’m so glad I got to fulfill my business dream. This way I can organize the work and time the way I like and that is a huge plus. In my estimate, the products will be paid off within just two years. And if I may add – the will to work and the will to live – that is the key to success and all that really matters!’

If you’re postponing starting your laundromat, just like Mrs. Logožar was for a long time, maybe we can encourage you to make your dream come true.


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