TOTAL CARE   Complete care for laundry hygiene

  • Professional solutions from concept to realization

    In the world full of challenges, it’s good to have a reliable business partner and advisor to depend on. To share our knowledge and experience in these challenging times and to keep offering you our high- quality products and services, we have created a special service called Total Care.

    Antibacterial design

    Antibacterial design

    Antibacterial coating prevents the retention of bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Listeria etc.) and mold in the tub of the washer.

    New technology

    New technology

    WaveForce and Auto tub clean programs with powerful water waves, during the wash cycle they maintain maximum cleanliness of the washer.

    Hygiene program

    Hygiene program

    Decontaminates laundry during the washing process.
  • Total Care entails:


    Professional hygienic appliances and detergents

    Professional LG washers and dryers can be ordered via our web form, e-mail, cell phone, and you can also contact us via Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.


    Education about the hygienic workflows

    All information about the hygienic workflows can be found on our website - from simple guides, infographics to webinars.


    Following the customers’ needs we can create special hygienic programs in which temperature, time of the cycle, number of rinses…


    Fast delivery to your facility

    Our product supply is abundant and ready for delivery. After you place an order, our logistic company delivers them to the desired address.


    Support for installation and maintenance of appliances

    Thanks to our wide service network, your appliances can be tended to in almost every city. Because the appliances are plug&play, everyone can install them following the online instructions.


    Advice on equipment and space configuration

    Our experts create technological projects, and we have specialized guides for architects, and for all information you can contact us via telephone.

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EDUCATION Order hygienic appliances and detergents Higijenski program

Hygienic detergent

Designed for removing 99% of bacteria by destroying the cell membrane surrounding the bacteria. The bleach system attacks the protein structure while the surfactant system attacks the lipid structure to kill the bacteria.
They fulfil bactericidal activity following the EN1276 norm for MRSA, Psuedomonas Aeruginosa, E. Coli, Enterococcus Hirae.