Flatwork ironers

  • We offer a complete range of equipment tailored to the needs of individual laundry - from apartment, hotel to self service and commercial laundry.

  • The equipment has high energy usability, safe and easy to use, and guarantees the perfect results, productivity and low labor costs.

    The professional line of flatwork ironers and ironers with the option of drying is designed to save space, time and energy and to guarantee complete safety for the user.

  • Professional ironer BW PRO 85

    Professional ironer

    BW PRO 85

    Roller dimensions850mm
    Diameter of roller160mm
    Electric ratings220V/ 50Hz
    Heating power3,3 kW
    Ironing speedod 1-3 RPM
    Hourly production12 - 15 kg/h
    Side opened for ironingbigger piece of laundry
    Dimensions940x400x1050 mm
    Weight40 kg
  • Commercial flatwork ironer GMP e2 140/25

    Commercial flatwork ironer

    GMP e2 140/25

    Roller dimensions1400 mm
    Diameter of roller250 mm
    Interchangeable voltage400V/3N/50Hz or 220V/1N/50Hz
    Heating power7,5 kW
    Heating typeelectric
    Ironing speed1-5 m/min
    Hourly production (recommended moisture)35 kg/h (20-25%)
    Dimensions1920x492x1050 mm
    Weight151 kg