TOTAL+ services

Technological project with layouts
Staff training for use of appliances
Maintenance and cleaning tips
Installation and commissioning
Extended warranty
Planning and choice of appliances
Repairs and preventive maintenance
  • Service and installation

    When You are an entrepreneur, a standstill of Your business is more than an inconvenience. It obstruct Your everyday operations, hence causes the diminishing of Your incomes.

    As Your business depends on the correct functioning of Your appliances all the time, You know very well how a standstill can be embarrassing and expensive.

    Whether it's part You need or just simple advice, our trained staff and extensive service network can ensure You a fast response.

  • Our services include

    • specialized technicians to supervise the installation and commissioning of equipment on site
    • service network made up of qualified engineers to assure the correct maintenance service

    Our qualified and skilled technicians are available for Your service all over the country.
    So, it doesn't matter where You are, the expert help is just one phone call away. Knowing that You depend on our equipment, our servicemen will remove the problem in no time.
    Regular technical education provides excellent knowledge about the whole range of our products by every one of our technicians.
    We are able to offer a contract for preventive maintenance of Your equipment adjusted to Your needs and thereby reduce the possibility of future breakdowns.
    Regular checking of the equipment can increase considerably reliability and longevity of Your appliances. Regular everyday use of the appliances cause gradual wear of certain parts, which ought to be under regular supervision and be changed if necessary.
    The certain ingredients in water (lime scale, minerals, salt and fats) are producing deposits inside the appliance. To mend this, regular controls have to be performed by skilled technicians.
    We can also offer you an extended installation procedure which include a location analysis before sales, thorough testing after each installation, delivery, commissioning of all products and the education of the staff.

We can offer a complete range of spare parts

Switches, relays, timer switches, gaskets, belts, rubber parts, heaters, thermostats...

  • Installation

    • Unpacking of equipment and connection to the prepared installation and training of personnel at the installation site.

    The beginning of assembly work depends on the preparation of the installation and the dynamics of the assembly is determined after the inspection of the premises and the installation

  • Preventive maintenance

    • Technical inspection of the machine
    • Smaller repairs
    • Control and adjustment of operation
    • Staff training
  • Regular maintenance

    • Technical inspection of the machine
    • Repair plans within the maintenance plan
    • Control and adjustment of operation
    • Staff training

    The basic purpose of regular maintenance is to carry out actions to maintain the functionality of the equipment without the need to change the machine components.

  • Replacement maintenance

    • Technical inspection of the machine
    • Repair jobs with replacement of broken and consumable parts
    • Control and adjustment of operation
    • Staff training

    Reparation maintenance is defined as a series of actions performed to eliminate faults, and includes replacement of damaged or unusable components.