Entrepreneurs need a friend

What is Jumpstart?

Jumpstart is a business idea that puts the emphasis on a business concept with great market potential and small start-up investments - laundry. No special technical skills or previous experience in entrepreneurship are required for the launch of the laundry, with minimum labor and fixed costs, cash benefits, without delay and unpaid receivables, are also preferred. With a start-up of around 20,000 euros, a successful business can be started, and a return on investment can be reach after 12 months.

  • Who is the Jumpstart intended for?

    To all those who are thinking of turning around in a career, who are ready to move to place where you can achive a business dream and become a (potential) entrepreneur.

    Why invest?

    There are many reasons, and profitability is at the very top. Other reasons are:

    • Relatively low initial investment, high return on investment
    • Work with cash, without delay and unpaid claims
    • Simply running a job with minimum investment time and minimal workforce (users are doing a lot of work yourself)
    • Resistant to recession (and in crisis we all need clean laundry)
    • Minimum fixed costs - no stock at the warehouse
    • A perfect part-time job that you can take with your regular job
    • You will not need special technical knowledge and skills
  • Two important advices

    If you choose to open a laundry, it is important to take care of the following:

    Choose a good location

    • in a densely populated area
    • with a simple access
    • with secured parking
    • with reasonable rental rates

    Use only professional equipment to:

    • save water
    • save electricity
    • save gas
    • shorten the wash cycle and increase the number of users

How can we help you?

  • We offer top-quality professional machines that reduce maintenance and utilitys costs
  • Our network of service engineers will assist you in installing and responding to your call in the shortest possible time
  • We offer you adaptable financial conditions to suit your needs
  • We provide professional advice on planning, designing and assistance in choosing a machine that will bring the highest profit per square
  • The ability to use exclusive visual features, marketing ideas and promotional materials (displays, leaflets, posters, loyalty cards and other promotional materials to open the laundry, attract new users and create loyalty to existing ones)
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