• Professional washer LG Giant C

    Professional washer

    LG Giant C

    Capacity 10 kg max 13 kg
    Fast programs
    Heating power 3,6 kW
    Drum volume 103 lit.
    2.199 €
  • Professional dryer LG Giant C

    Professional dryer

    LG Giant C

    Capacity 10 kg
    Fast programs
    Heating power 5,4 kW
    Drum volume 207 lit.
    1.449 €
  • Professional washer LG Titan C

    Professional washer

    LG Titan C

    Capacity 15 kg max 18 kg
    Fast programs
    Heating power 3,8 kW
    Drum volume 147 lit.
    3.699 €
  • Professional ironer LS Pro 85

    Professional ironer

    LS PRO 85

    Capacity 12 – 15 kg/h
    Roller dimensions 850 mm
    Heating power 3,3 kW
    With open sides
    1.199 €
  • Media agrees - mobile laundries as a way towards hygiene

    Media websites such as Jutarnji, Večernji, Dnevno.hr, and Privredni.hr have written about the necessity of mobile laundries in these coronavirus times. Laundry hygiene is a key part of hygiene in general, especially...
  • Hygiene was never so important

    LG professional washers are constructed with the importance of hygiene in mind. Besides technologies such as Wave force and Auto tub clean, stainless steel they are made from plays an important part in maintaining...
  • Even when it's dark, our World is Bright!

    We would like to inform you that we are in working mode. We haven’t stopped, we’ve just transferred to online business. We are here for all your inquiries or orders. You can count on us.   Stay healthy!  
  • One for all, all for our Albanian partners

    Last month we have visited our partners in Albania. There was talk about business, but there was also laughter, eating, drinking and most importantly joy for uniting our strengths to further our spreading in the...

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  • Ivan Anić

    Self-service laundry Lotus, Zadar

    I would recommend the experience of opening the laundry to anyone who wants to enter the entrepreneurship - of course, if they meet all the preconditions for starting such a business.

    Laundry - tailored to your needs

    Laundry is a simple and profitable investment

    • Low start-up investment
    • Minimum labour, fixed expenses
    • Special technical knowledge not needed
    • Cash collection
    • Great investment, strong ROI

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Bright World has a dedicated network of partners who sell and provide support for the complete range of LG commercial laundry products. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please send us your short company profile

Our customers

  • Industrial washers in reception center for foreigners Zagreb

    Bright World has equipped whole laundry in reception center for foreigners in Zagreb with industrial Electrolux washing machines and dryers.

  • Washers tailored to your needs

    Special programming for your business. Camps, marinas...