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Pavle Novak

Self service laundry Tiramola, Šibenik

Jumpstart is free encouragement and assistance from people who have already experienced entrepreneurial challenges.

  • Laundry is a simple and profitable investment

    • Low start-up investment
    • Minimum labour, fixed expenses
    • Special technical knowledge not needed
    • Cash collection
    • Great investment, strong ROI
  • Almost everybody is a potential customer!

    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Cleaning companies, public institutions
    • Camping, marine, hostels
    • Residents, sub tenants
    • Small firms: beauty salons, sports clubs...
    • Students
    • Tourists (back packers)

In order to help you get started, Bright World has prepared detailed instructions for preparing a business plan, financial strategy and managing a business.

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Download an extensive professional guide based on international market research, manufacturer experiences, and Croatian market analysis.

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    Jumpstart - business ideas that promise a great market potential with modest initial investment.

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    Design self-service laundry, equipped with a new generation of sophisticated devices with low consumption of water and energy is the latest global trend.

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