Commercial flatwork ironer GMP e2 140/25

  • Commercial flatwork ironer GMP e2 140/25
  • Commercial flatwork ironer
    GMP e2 140/25

    Roller dimensions 1400 mm
    Diameter of roller 250 mm
    Hourly production 35 kg/h (20-25%)
    Touch screen display
    Front linen return (space-saving)
    Automatic lifting and lowering of ironing chest
    Electric heating

    2 year warranty for commercial use

    This commercial flatwork ironer is ideal for facilities that need regular ironing of large quantities of laundry such as restaurants, smaller hotels and hostels, laundromats, dry cleaners, nursing homes, and others.

    GMP commercial flatwork ironer meets these needs with its unique features:

    The hard chromed steel chest provides excellent resistance to friction and chemicals, and thus exceptional longevity.

    Meta-Aramid cover standard is resistant to high temperatures and abrasion.

    Dual temperature control (Gemini sensors) with a safety thermostat contains two sensors that monitor the temperature over the entire ironing surface.

    Large and intuitive control panel. The operator can choose between 50 programs to suit the processed fabric or manually adjust the ironing speed and temperature level (manual mode).

    Integrated step-by-step tutorials or troubleshooting support in 13 languages (including Croatian).

    Screen notifications when MOT is required.

    Software upgrade possible via dedicated USB port.

    Easy handling of long laundry thanks to the feeding basin placed next to the roller.

    The smart foot pedal stops the roller from turning and leaves your hands free to adjust the bedding in the feeding process.

    Finger protection protects the operator from injury.

    Sleep mode function
    The Sleep mode function saves energy and reduces operating costs during the brakes between ironing sessions.


Roller dimensions1400 mm
Diameter of roller250 mm
Interchangeable voltage400V/3N/50Hz or 220V/1N/50Hz
Heating power7,5 kW
Heating typeelectric
Ironing speed1-5 m/min
Hourly production (recommended moisture)35 kg/h (20-25%)
Dimensions1920x492x1050 mm
Weight151 kg
Other dimensions available:

GMP E2 100.25 - roller dimensions 1000 mm, diameter of roller 250mm

GMP E2 120.25 - roller dimensions 1200 mm, diameter of roller 250mm

GMP E2 160.30 - roller dimensions 1600 mm, diameter of roller 300mm

GMP E2 200.30 - radna dužina 2000 mm, diameter of roller 300mm

We also have rollers for ironing and drying with larger capacities, up to 3200 mm wide and up to 500 mm in diameter with gas and steam heating options. For detailed information please send an inquiry via the contact form.