Scare the viruses and bacteria

Sonja Krivokapić / 27.05.2020.

Within our new Total Care service, we present you the packages containing LG professional washers and dryers as well as detergents, the purpose of which is fulfilling the experience of hygiene. Because without detergents, bacteria and viruses have little fear, and the point is to scare them to death.

You, however, don't have to fear there is not package suitable for you, because we have created 4 - S, M, L and XL packages, and these sizes refer to the number of appliances needed for washing and drying a load of a certain size. To give you an example - if you need to wash 120 kg of laundry in one shift, then you need package M. If, however, you have 180 kg of laundry to wash, then the package L is the right fit, and so on.

And which detergents are we offering? Ariel Professional and the Lenor softener, both of which people are very familiar with.


Ariel Professional

This detergent not only scares but removes all bacteria - Designed for removing 99 % of bacteria by destroying the cell membrane surrounding the bacteria. The bleach system attacks the protein structure while the surfactant attacks the lipid structure to kill the bacteria. They satisfy the bactericidal activity under the EN1276 norm for RSA, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, E. Coli, and Enterococcus Hirae.

When you wash your laundry in a professional washer, using high- quality detergents is always recommended, because the ordinary ones create too much foam, which disables the detergent to dissolve better and clean your laundry thoroughly. Ariel Professional takes care of your washer as well, not just laundry because the reduced amount of foam better cleans the washer's interior. 


This softener plays a double game - washing, and drying. When it comes to washing, it prolongs the life of your laundry, making it soft and gentle, which in turn makes the ironing after the drying process is over, and the adequate exposure to high temperatures makes viruses and bacteria shake from fear.

As I've written beforewashing laundry at 90 degrees temperature is s great weapon in the combat against viruses and bacteria, but without an adequate detergent, bacteria and viruses could think they still stand a chance. With Ariel Professional and Lenor, however, they will quickly retreat from the fight, and that's exactly what we want.

And if you want to fight for hygiene with LG professional washers and dryers, contact us here.