Traditional Bright World donation to FALA

Antonija Jurič / 05.01.2021.
Udruga FALA - terapijsko jahanje

Traditionally in December, the company Bright World helped with its donation to the association FALA in order to promote social sensitivity, protection and improvement of the quality of life and popularization of therapeutic and recreational riding.

Source: Association FALA - therapeutic riding

In the association and its team of volunteers, we recognized the values that we nurture ourselves, such as dedication, diligence and providing the best of us. Due to all this, but also social weight and importance of supporting such projects, the Bright World has recognized their work and find its role trough long-term cooperation.

Although we were unable to visit them this year due to epidemiological measures, we are pleased to have been able to support them at least financially in this challenging time.

"Traditionally, during this holiday season, we want to contribute to the quality of life of children and families with our support, and we will continue to donate, as much as possible, to help those who need it the most" - said the CEO of Bright World, Mario Martinek.