Protect your laundry and fabric before washing

Sonja Krivokapić / 30.01.2020.

As we are supposed to take care of professional washing machines so that they would last longer, so does laundry need maintenance and care to prevent damaging. Sometimes taking care of a washing machine entails taking care of laundry and the other way around, so attention needs to be paid to both factors if we want our laundry washing experience to be effective and with good quality.

What to do before washing

For laundry to be washed as good as possible and without any damages, some preparations need to be done. For example, all small objects like coins, keys, matches and other need to be taken out of the clothes. Moreover, zippers, hooks, and laces need to be zipped and tied, so that they wouldn’t get tied around the laundry, scratch it or pound on it.

Careful with the quantity

Professional washing machines have a large drum capacity, but any overloads should be avoided. It’s recommended not to put more than half the amount of laundry per load when it comes to larger laundry items. For your laundry to be washed properly, it needs space inside the drum, which means it must not be cramped up inside. You should be able to close the door with ease.

Separated, it there are two colors

This rule is very well known to us, passed down through our mothers and grandmothers who feared the now legendary red sock in the white laundry like a plague. Not only does the mixing of colors cause unwanted coloring, but it may also cause damage to the fabric.

Look at the door gasket

Sometimes small items can be found hidden inside the door gasket of a professional washing machine, which can cause stains on the drum, and if the laundry gets stuck in it, it can sustain damage and in turn induce water leakage.

If it’s waterproof, it should be kept away

Washing waterproof laundry should be avoided. Otherwise, the washing of it may cause very strong vibrations and can trigger bouncing inside the drum, which damages it.

These steps are low-effort and simple, and yet they do a lot of good, which is why everyone should apply them. Long live both laundry and professional washers!