Our new webinar - Hygienic laundry practices

Sonja Krivokapić / 23.04.2020.

Since everyone is going online these days due to the outbreak of coronavirus, we too have decided to make digital adjustments. We have held our new webinar training called Hygienic laundry practices.

We have offered education on how to handle dirty and clean laundry, which steps to take when washing and drying laundry, and so on. Since these quarantine days are not over quite just yet, we are expecting to see more webinars from ourselves, and hopefully, they will continue to be useful.

This webinar can be seen as a sort of intro to our new service called Total Care, which is closely related to hygiene issues - it will provide information about product features that have to do with hygiene, workflows, education, and further webinars on the subject, as well as pre and aftersales service. The main agenda of it all being, of course, our contribution to the care of people's health.

This exchange goes, of course, both ways, so we hope that we will be able to grow in our learning as well, just as we hope that the recipients will find our material and service useful.

Stay healthy!