A Titan among washers

Ivana Živičnjak / 14.06.2018.

Meet a new professional solution for quick and reliable results, the first commercial washer with a drum volume of 147 liters. 

We are introducing a new LG Professional washer – Titan C, a professional laundry solution for catering facilities, selfservice and OPL laundries.

LG Electronics has supplemented the production range with the Titan C washing machine that will provide fast and reliable results.

It is a unique product because it is the first professional washing machine in the world that offers a 147 liter drum volume.

Easy to use with fast washing programs for professional users. It is manufactured in accordance with the European directive on laundry care related to health and safety when using the appliance. 

The Titan C washing machine with a capacity of 15 kg, with 43% higher capacity than the Giant C and 59 minutes of basic program duration, has demonstrated excellent washing performance across a wide range of professional users by combining the differences between household and industrial washing equipment.

LG Electronics is launching the Titan C washing machine to provide professional performance and durability for small business units that need durable, easy-to-use washing machines for their own or the needs of their customers.