Hygienic laundry washing and professional washer maintenance

Sonja Krivokapić / 11.03.2020.

When it comes to taking care of laundry, hygiene cannot be stressed as important enough, especially when we are dealing with laundries in hospitals and clients which are medically endangered. Of course, hygiene is something everyone should be mindful of in every type of laundry business, which is why we would like to present some advice on how to improve hygiene in dealing with laundry.

Treatment of laundry

For the whole process to be on the highest hygienic level possible, you should be doing these things:

1. Gathering and sorting

A person responsible for gathering and sorting laundry to gather and wash only the laundry of the same material. Furthermore, a person doing this job should always wear protective gloves.
The room in which the laundry is gathered and sorted should always be regularly cleaned and sterilized. Filters that often contain fabric leftovers should also be kept clean in order for the ventilation system to function.

2. Laying aside

Laundry must not be kept out in the open for longer than 48 hours. This also counts for prewashing as well as the post washing phase, when the laundry is being prepared for ironing. A clean room for laying laundry aside is preferred, which should also have a separate drainage tube. Dirty laundry which is waiting to be washed should be put away as far away as possible from the clean laundry.

3. Washing

Managing temperature, time, detergents, we make sure that the laundry is washed with good quality.

4. Final processing

As with gathering and sorting, it’s very important for the person handling laundry to wear protecting gloves all the time in order to prevent infection.

5. Storing the clean laundry

Laundry must be covered with plastic foil and stored in closed cupboards. If it’s transported in carts, then those have to be maintained clean. Clean laundry should not be mixed up with dirty laundry.

Treating of washers

Since laundry is washed in professional washers, it’s not enough to take hygienic care of laundry on its own. LG professional washers have special programs whose purpose is to maintain hygiene.

Wave force is a program that entails strong washing of the parts of a washer which are otherwise hard to reach and clean manually. Wave force program is enabled by the direct drive motor which is built into LG professional washers.

Auto tub clean is a program made for the same purpose. When we want to remove bacteria, mold and unpleasant smell, these programs are just what we need.
It’s recommended that you start the self-cleaning program every 2 to 3 days while adding vinegar which is a natural, affordable and effective cleaning product.

Health of steel

When dealing with hygiene, it’s not only algorithms that are responsible for its maintenance. Sometimes the magic lies in good old material – stainless steel in this case. Intertek, multinational company for inspecting, product testing and certification has done research on benefits of stainless steel when it comes to maintaining hygiene. When the research compared drums made of stainless steel, which LG professional washers have, with plastic drums, it found out that the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria was reduced by 99% in 12 days, while on a plastic drum it was only reduced by 67 %. The research noted the same numbers in relation to the behavior of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Along with saving detergent, preserving the environment and quality washing, LG professional washers also offer a top hygienic program, which is why they are highly recommended. Of course, people responsible for handing professional washers have to also put in some work, but when all factors are combined, the result is laundry so hygienic that it’s almost a shame to wash it again.


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