5 steps to a ready-made laundrette - order online!

Sonja Krivokapić / 28.04.2020.

Although hygiene is extremely important in everyday life, it has become even more crucial because of the pandemic we are witnessing. Keeping physical distance, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining hygiene are key for fighting the spreading of the disease. In trying to adjust to these times, we have made the concept of ready-made laundrette accessible online, which you can have in only 5 steps.

1. Order

LG professional washers can be ordered via any of our communication channels – Viber, WhatsApp, web form, e-mail or cell phone, Instagram, and Facebook. Our sales experts will provide you with all the necessary information to facilitate the ordering process. You can contact us on Facebook and Instagram, and you can find the info about the mobile applications we are using, our e-mail and our web form here.

2. Online consulting

Before you decide on a particular appliance, you must have all the relevant information about its configuration with your needs in mind. It’s also necessary that you know the measurements of the space for your future laundrette, and so on. Our technical team is now accessible online, and you can reach them via the already mentioned contact info.

3. Delivery

After you have selected an appliance according to your needs, the next step is to get your appliance delivered to you. Our professional washers and dryers are waiting for you in our storage unit and they are accessible immediately. We will deliver your appliances safely and rapidly.

4. Simple installation

LG professional washers and dryers are very easy to install. Our repairers are extremely careful about their hygiene, but if you want complete isolation or if you are having trouble installing the appliance, our service network is just one call away from you.

5. Running the appliances

We have come to the last step in our story – running the appliances. This step entails finishing processes and advice from our experts on how to use them. And if you fail to remember something, don’t worry – the instructions and advice on handing the professional washers and dryers are accessible to you online.

There is a need for professional laundry equipment, and we have ensured its maximum accessibility.

If you are in search of professional washers and dryers, don’ hesitate to contact us here.