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Marina Knežević / 23.03.2023.

Entering entrepreneurship gives you many benefits. More and more people want to work for themselves instead of the others. Being your own boss means having the possibility to organize your time and way of work how you want it and make decisions about your business on your own. You can let go of the fear of being replaced with another worker and create your own stable future. In short, you’re at peace all the way to your retirement!

Why laundry?

Laundries represent a great opportunity for entering and staying in entrepreneurship. There are more than 100.000 self-service laundries and around 200 million of their clients in the world today. Historically speaking, the laundry industry is crisis-resistant. It didn’t suffer in the recession periods and continues to grow along with the population growth. Demand for laundry services is high among many various groups of people. Because of their busy lifestyle, fewer people have time for housework and that includes doing laundry.

When talking about Croatia, the growth trend continues every year too. Croatia is a tourist country so the fact that the number of private apartments, family homes, hostels, etc. constantly grows doesn’t comes as surprise. Although there are still some renters who, in an old-fashioned way, wash, dry and iron the laundry at home, most of them opt for laundry services today. When you take financial and time savings into consideration, it is the most efficient solution.


A business for everyone

If you’re wondering what’s necessary for starting and running a self-service laundry the answer is – only good will! Anyone, from students and full-time employed people to retirees can do it. There are no special qualifications required. Running a laundry is relatively simple and doesn’t require specialized skills. Of course, in the beginning you’re going to need some time to learn all the ‘tips and tricks’ and become familiar with different parts of laundry equipment. But after you master this, everything goes faster and smoother!

The advantages of running a laundry

When it comes to finances and profitability, it is most important to emphasize you will need a relatively low initial investment. There is also an option for aid and loans, which makes the process much easier. Self-service laundry owners can return their investment in only a year or two.

Time-savings are another advantage. Self-service laundry leaves you a lot of free time, which means you don’t have to be physically present in the laundry all the time and you don’t have to give up your current profession and its income. Professional washers and dryers do the job and clients start the programs for their own needs.

There’s also a factor of simplicity. Starting a laundry business takes only a small number of steps. Initial steps don’t require a lot of paperwork, which is another reason why this is an attractive idea.

Entrepreneurs need a friend

Bright World team is with you from the day one and guides you through the process of opening your laundry – from idea to realization and aftersales service. We have a rich experience and numerous clients who started their own laundries behind us so we are able to help you avoid some common beginners’ mistakes. We offer top-tier professional equipment that reduces using and maintenance costs but we are not here only to sell, we want to build a relationship with you!

Bright World is here to help you find the best solution for your laundry business. These are some quick guidelines so for more details – contact us!

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