We bathed in the Happy bubble – LG professional laundry washers and dryers and us in the newly opened laundrette

Sonja Krivokapić / 20.11.2019.

In the newly opened laundrette Happy bubble in the district of Stenjevec in Zagreb my colleague and I rotated ourselves in the drum of new business adventures.

Happy bubble will happily take care of the Stenjevec’s residents’ laundry from now on, and all the work will be done by LG professional washing machines and dryers.

That’s because the Happy bubble is a self-service laundrette in which you can wash and dry your laundry almost anytime it crosses your mind if you happen to find yourself in the district. And you can do that if you are driving through in your car because there is a big parking space right near the laundrette.

We from Bright world wish the residents of Stenjevec many opportunities to save time and money with washing their laundry in LG professional machines and Happy bubble laundrette many happy bubbles.