The first LG Laundry Lounge in Greece

Marina Knežević / 20.10.2023.
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The LG Laundry Lounge network is constantly growing, and this international success story has now spread to Greece.

In the historical jewel of Europe - Athens, the first LG Laundry Lounge in the country has recently opened its doors.

We talked to our Greek partner Georgios about how the client decided to open a branded self-service laundry and what the whole process looked like.

A designer launderette

LG Laundry Lounge is a designer self-service launderette equipped with high-end LG professional washers and dryers. As the 'Lounge' part of the name suggests, it is not only a place for washing and drying laundry. The main idea is to create a pleasant atmosphere, in which users feel completely relaxed, as if in their own home. Free internet, television, coffee, juices - all this allows them to enjoy the time while the laundry goes through the washing and drying process.

LG Laundry Lounge - a step further

The owners were not beginners in this business. About three years ago, they opened their own self-service laundromat and, encouraged by its success, they naturally wanted to continue expanding their business. They researched the options and eventually, they were most intrigued by the concept of a branded self-service laundry equipped with high-end LG professional appliances, which provides users with a unique experience.

They got in touch with Georgios and at the beginning of the year, work on the project started. The first step was finding an adequate space. The owners knew exactly where they wanted their laundromat to be – it is a beautiful, densely populated area of Athens. It was challenging to find the 'right space' at the 'right price', but they made it!

With clear directions to the goal

During March, the work on preparing the space for the installation of the devices began. They received clear guidelines and best practices, which ensure optimal use of space.

"The 3D modelling, which includes plans of the space and installations, was of great help. Its great advantage also lies in the fact that the owners got an insight into the future appearance of their laundry room" Georgios explains.

The premium look of the laundry room was achieved by following the interior design guidelines. Through the careful coordination of elements within the space, an attractive and recognizable impression was created.

The LG Laundry Lounge is equipped with an equipment package that ensures users don’t have to wait in line to use it, which includes:

"The owners especially like BW ozone generators and the smell and softness of the laundry they provide. They see them as another added advantage over the competition" says Georgios.

Suitable for everyone

Like the owners, the users are delighted with the overall concept.

Thanks to the capacity of the drum, they often wash blankets and duvets, and tourist renters regularly come with bed linen and towels.

"The devices are very simple to use, as is the payment system, which enables easy navigation even for those who have never had experience with a self-service system. Users say how happy they are to be able to wash and dry their laundry in a nice and tidy place, at an affordable price" says Georgios.


LG Laundry Lounge laundries are a fantastic opportunity if you want the recognition of the LG brand and top LG professional devices, a ready-made visual identity and international networking. Become a part of the LG Laundry Lounge family!

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