Hygiene is a priority with the professional laundry equipment for hotels

Sonja Krivokapić / 18.06.2020.

If you are managing a hotel, hostel, an apartment, camp, or any other object in the accommodation sector, then clean and hygienic laundry must be assured for your guests, at the highest possible level. 

Why are professional washers crucial for hotels?

Hotel laundry and laundry in other objects that offer accommodation must be cleaner and more hygienic compared to any other object from the hospitality industry. Having a high standard in this regard fulfills all the guests' needs, and it also improves your reputation, which means old guests potentially coming back to your business. The process of laundry care is far from the eyes of your guests, but it's so important at the same time. However, it's even more key for your in-house laundry not to be too far away from you, because installing your in-house laundry brings many advantages compared to an outside laundry - you have complete control over the whole process of washing and drying. 

What are the advantages of your laundry?

When you have your own in house laundry, maximal cleanliness and hygiene are guaranteed. Also, it's accessible to you whenever you feel it's convenient, which means no risks for deliveries from outside laundries. Your laundry makes the hotel business a lot easier because it reduces unwanted risks and saves time, and it removes doubt in the quality of the washing and drying result.

With your laundry, you also get total control over your expenses, leaving them to your staff. Precisely because the laundry is not a hotel's main source of income is why it has to be tip-top - even one brick is crucial for the grounds of the whole house, and it doesn't have to be just one brick.

What are the hygienic features of our professional laundry washers?

Our LG professional washers and dryers ensure comfort to guests, but also protection for hotel's employees. They do it with their hygienic programs and technologies - Wave force and Auto tub clean help clean the inside of the washer by its strong waves of water, while hygienic program decontaminates laundry. Besides, LG professional laundry washers have the antibacterial design - their coating is made for deactivating viruses, and making sure bacteria and mold is not retained for very long. That's why bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Listeria, etc. won't be in your washers for long. 

Do detergents play a role in maintaining hygiene?

Detergents play a very big role in maintaining hygiene, so check out the packages that we are offering, which include professional laundry washers and dryers with detergents. When used in appropriate doses, professional detergents are an unavoidable tool for the struggle against viruses and bacteria. 

Our professional washers are also extremely practical - simple to install and use, so your staff which handles the equipment won't waste much time on learning how to use it. 

What else can we do for you?

We try to adjust everything to your needs. Whether it's a small or big hotel, we adjust our knowledge to your needs. And we do that if you need new or additional equipment, with the special service of renting which helps you financially a great deal.  

Hotel laundries are key for maintaining productivity, saving time and money, and prevention of infections, and that's something that is of interest to every hotel. 

If you need laundry equipment, feel free to contact us.