Bright World at the Electrolux dealer training in Sweden

Ivana Živičnjak / 01.10.2019.

Bright World had an opportunity to participate the training along with 40 laundry experts from 10 Central East Europe countries.

Electrolux presented the latest innovative solutions in professional laundry appliances whereas the networking events encouraged us to share our mutual knowledge and experience from our own markets.

The combination of technical and sales training complemented with a factory tour offered us a unique educational experience and support us with relevant information important for our customers.

In order to save money, water, energy, detergent and to be ecologically friendly, Electrolux is constantly working on improving its machine performance. Introducing intelligent solutions allows them to create very efficient solutions for the customers.

Today is very important to keep up the pace with digital transformation and innovations, therefore, is highly necessary to be agile and to offer our customers products that are high in standards, easy to use and with max productivity optimising operations according to all given parameters.

Electrolux professional and comprehensive approach showed us that learning and experience sharing is the most valuable thing in bringing the right information to our customers.

Being at the source of new smart solutions and providing our sales force with all necessary knowledge about the product and its options, Bright world is offering a high-level service and is able to meet the requirements of any customer.