Which washer to choose? Domestic to houses, commercial to businesses!

Sonja Krivokapić / 29.07.2020.

Why do people use domestic washers for their business activities?

Many companies whose business activities entail laundry washing use domestic appliances. This is understandable; they are more accessible and cheaper than commercial or industrial washers. Using domestic washers is perfectly acceptable for the home, but professional activities require professional machines.

Why use commercial washers?

Domestic washers will certainly wash your laundry, no doubt about it. But you should look at the long term advantages that commercial washers offer.

They have a larger capacity to boast about

Commercial washers are 20% bigger than domestic. This might not seem like a big deal to you, though. You might think, nevermind that, I'll just have to do more cycles in the domestic washer. When we compare the workflow of a commercial and a domestic washer, you would really need a lot more cycles to do to be able to wash the same amount that a commercial washer would wash.

They last and last

And here's the catch - longevity. A domestic washer is not designed to withstand frequent use, and using the domestic washer frequently could lead to the occurrence of malfunctions and setbacks in your laundry, which you don't want. This means that you would probably end up with less laundry washed than you have intended, only because the malfunctions have slowed down the production. The math says it all - if we have the drum capacity in mind, then we come to the conclusion that it would take two 7 kg domestic washers to be fairly compared to just one LG commercial washer of 10 kg.

The durable material LG commercial washers are made from also contribute to the longevity factor - their drums are made from stainless steel, which not only ensures quality during frequent use but also a long life for the washer.

They are fast, fast, fast

Speed is another advantage of having a commercial instead of a domestic one. LG commercial washers and dryers can to their job 2 to 3 times faster compared to the domestic washer. For example, if you wanted to wash 60 kg of laundry in a domestic washer, it would take you 3 hours to do that, while with LG washers it would take you just an hour and 15 minutes, with one cycle only. The same goes for dryers - commercial dryer will dry 10 kg of laundry in 40 minutes or so, but a domestic dryer would have to work for 2 hours to dry 6 kg of laundry.

Economic and super easy to use

LG commercial washers are designed to reduce costs. There are a lot of features for this purpose, some of which are, for example, Self-heating system. This feature means that LG washers are connected to the hot and cold water supply, and that system detects the water temperature, automatically adjusting it if needed. This greatly saves time and reduces the cost of electric energy. LG commercial washer also saves water. Its 10 degrees tilted drum distributes water more on one side of the drum, thus eliminating the need to add more water to achieve the same water level needed. LG washers also save water with their Atomizing system, because its nozzle sprays water directly onto the laundry, making it soak in water faster, without wasting water by spraying it onto places it's not needed.

As far as the simplicity of use goes, their controls for adjusting programs are designed to be user-friendly - only basic and the most important information is displayed on them. It's also important to note that users can set up 20 custom programs!

No warranty, and no use for commercial purposes

Domestic washers do not have a warranty for commercial use, unlike commercial washers, which you can get a warranty for up to 3 years. Besides, EU regulations prohibit the use of domestic appliances for commercial purposes, not even for hostels, small hotels, b&b, restaurants, and other facilities, rendering the use of commercial washers even more necessary. 

And with commercial equipment, you get - us!

By that I mean our expertise, because we can advise you on planning a laundry, we can design technical drawings of the space your laundry would occupy, and we can educate on how to use appliances, as well as on the currently needed hygienic practices, rules, and instructions with regards to the hygiene of laundry.

 To find our more, download our free material and learn about the professional washer's advantages over domestics!

So don't put even a small cloth in domestic washers. Instead, contact us!