Become an entrepreneur with a self-employment subsidy

Marina Knežević / 12.04.2023.
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Entering entrepreneurship gives you many benefits. More and more people want to work for themselves instead of others. Being your own boss means having the possibility to organize your time and way of work how you want it and make decisions about your business on your own.

Laundries represent a great opportunity for entering and staying in entrepreneurship. There are more than 100.000 self-service laundries and around 200 million of their clients in the world today. Historically speaking, the laundry industry is crisis-resistant.?It didn’t suffer in the recession periods and continues to grow along with the population growth.

Low initial investment

One of the advantages of starting a self-service laundry is the relatively low initial investment. With this business, you can expect minimal costs and very low workforce costs. There are no unpaid claims and payment delays since the services are paid in cash, at the point of use.

Also, you don’t need a large inventory and a large sum for interior design. Besides the obvious sources of income like washing and drying the laundry, additional services, like ironing and folding laundry, tailor repairs, coffee and snacks machines can also generate income. Taking all of this into consideration, it has been proven that self-service laundry owners can return their investment in a very short period – only a year or two!

Self-employment subsidy as the ‘wind in the sails’

Although the investment for self-service laundries isn’t large, it’s still an investment in new business and that means most people won’t be able to simply reach in their pockets. In that case, a self-employment subsidy is a great option for financial support in entering entrepreneurship.

This type of financial support is a subsidy offering basic aid to cover the initial costs of opening a business as well as support from expert guidance to help boost self-employment and job-creation. It is also possible for more than one person to collaborate and start a business or a cooperative.


Laundries represent a great opportunity for self-employment and with financial support, you too can make your entrepreneurial dream come true! For everything else, Bright World is here to offer you guidelines and best practices.

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