100% Hotel Show in Athens

Marina Knežević / 24.11.2023.
atena 100% hotel show

The spirit of support among One Team members is evident in the ongoing commitment to supporting one another. This shared dedication fosters a sense of unity and ensures that each team member can rely on the mutual assistance and collective strength of the group.

With strong synergy and the best of each team member, we are stepping towards the future of the laundry industry.

Therefore, Bright World recently supported our Greek partner at the 100% Hotel Show in Athens.

Luxury accommodation - the main focus

This premium trade fair for hoteliers and tourism professionals in Greece brings together experts from various branches related to the hotel industry, including the laundry business. The goal is to explore the new trends in the industry and the ongoing needs of the hotel market.

One of the main benefits of the event is the opportunity for networking between visitors and exhibitors, as well as between the visitors themselves. Since all participants are in direct or indirect correlation to tourism, the fair serves as a dynamic platform for building meaningful connections.

Luxury accommodation was the main focus, so the majority of visitors came from the segment of 5-star resorts, hotel chains, boutique hotels, villas, upscale apartments, boats and yachts, etc. There were also visitors from alternative forms of accommodation, such as agritourism and glamping.

LG professional devices follow the luxury requirements

Luxurious accommodation requires impeccable laundry hygiene, so the showcase of LG professional devices attracted the attention of numerous visitors. The cutting-edge features aroused their curiosity about how these devices could cater to the specific requirements of their businesses, especially during the fast pace of the tourist season.

Through live interaction and firsthand exposure, visitors got the lasting impression of LG professional washing machines and dryers. Additionally, to ensure they have the reminder of product specifications and contact information, they were provided with promotional materials they could take home with them, like price lists, leaflets, and business cards.


The exhibition was a great success, and we are looking forward to supporting our cherished partners in many more events in the future!